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TOEGEVOEGD DOOR: Danil Pietersma
OP: 11 november 2015

Deze cheats zijn te activeren door je in-game console te activeren (druk op de ~ toets), n van de onderstaande commands in te typen en de in-game console te sluiten.

tgm God mode
tcl No collision
tai Turns AI off
tcai Turns combat AI off
killall Kills everyone in the vicinity.
kill [insert ID] Kills the creature with the ID you supply.
resurrect [insert ID] Brings the creature with the ID you supply back to life.
setgs fJumpHeightMin [insert number here] Modifies your jump.
player.setav speedmult [insert number here] The number you type in adds multiplier to your running speed, with hilarious consequences.
tfc Activates flycam.
tm Toggles menus and UI on and off.
setscale [number from 1 to 10] Makes you or your target HUGE.
sexchange Change to male/female.
player/additem 0000000f [insert number here] Adds bottlecaps.
player/additem 0000000a [insert number here] Adds bobbypins.
player.additem [insert item ID here] [insert number here] Get any item to your inventory.
coc qasmoke This teleports you to a room with a number of boxes that contain every single item in the game.
set timescale to [insert number here] Speeds up or slows down time.
tdetect The AI won't detect you anymore.
player.modav [skill] [number] Boost a skill by a numerical amount of your choosing.
player.setlevel [insert number] Boost your level to the number specified.
caqs This completes every step of the primary quest, effectively completing the game for you.


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